It's all about creative cooking.

TL;DR: we're building what you need to create and share amazing recipes.

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"Anyone can learn to duplicate a technique, but that's not creative expression."
- Magnus Nilsson, Chef of Fäviken, 34th best restaurant in the world

You create. You share. You improve.

Every chef in the world goes through this process to create amazing dishes. You write a quick draft on a napkin, try to cook it once, share it with others to gather feedback, and improve it until you have an awesome recipe. You then write it down in a book and merely touch it ever after.

What if the napkin, the sharing and the recipe book were all one unique tool?

That's what we do at Profusion. We want you to create amazing recipes and easily share them.

Let's explore cooking.

Most of the recipes you find online are published by big websites with an editorial line.

That leads to a standardization of recipes. This is the worst thing that can happen. Cooking is infinite, there are too many combinations to try, too many original recipes to be shared.

We're on a fight to avoid cooking standardization. Moreover, we're on a journey to explore cooking through the eyes of people from all around the globe.

Everything you need to share amazing recipes.

We work hard to provide you with the best writing experience.
We want it fast, easy and beautiful.

You're probably not a web developer nor a designer. You're just in love with cooking, and we get that. You shouldn't have to create a blog and learn to code to share your recipes.

The recipe creator is the ideal tool to write recipes down, quickly and easily.

If you like the product but think it's lacking something, just send us a message, and we'll look into it.

Happy cooking!